Yes. Advertising does bring about positive changes to the world around us

Every now and then we stumble upon debates on TV where they fight out like cats and dogs on issues both trivial and significant. At last the so called experts reach on an agreement – Yes Advertising & Films are the culprits for all the evils in the society.

Always on the wrong side of the table it’s high time we stood up for ourselves.

Yes Advertising has changed the world we live in.

For hundreds of years advertising has contributed its part in changing the world around us. Whatever may the critics voice against advertising they can’t take away the contributions of advertising in making people’s life more easier, providing information to the consumer, making the consumer more powerful, providing solutions for marketing problems, innovating products & services and last but not the least uplifting the less privileged people.

We provide solutions: Even if an advertising campaign provides a wrong solution let us make it clear – we don’t create problems. Problems are created by the marketers themselves and we at advertising try to solve those problems, it is not the other way round. Most of the times it is an idea from an advertising company that provides solutions for a problem faced in the society or in a market.

We do influence that too in a positive way: Never ever in the history of advertising have someone created a product successful through negative communications. So for god’s sake own up for our own cravings for over consumption, our own stands & beliefs for getting influenced in a negative way just by advertisement of a product or service. If it was that easy to influence people out there advertising would have been extinct as a profession or the world would have been a better place to live in by its own. As advertising professionals we are hired to find something positive about a product or service, not the opposite.

We do inform and help consumer: Without advertising people might not have found how to use oranges in juice form or how to use even a safety pin. Yes it’s true. These are not exaggerations but facts that you can browse yourself to find out how advertising have passed on information about innovations over all these years. Every day it is through advertisements, whatever be the medium, that consumers find out new ways to use an existing product/service or find out entirely new products/services. Also let us make it clear here that if we see misguided information about products those are the works of such people in advertising who doesn’t know the basics of advertising. No product can be successful in a market over the long run through misleading advertisements. Transparency is what makes all those brands standing out there face all weathers. Remember just because there are some scrupulous doctors out there we don’t blame that the whole medical profession is without ethics, do we?

We are always innovating: Every now and then it is advertising professionals who find innovative ways to a marketing problem and often entirely new products are devised by marketers from an idea borne out of an advertising professional’s brain. Innovative applications of existing products have helped people out there and not to mention the innovations coming out in service sectors. It is we advertising professionals who most of the time has to fight it out in board rooms of corporate companies to include an additional service or something out of the usual for the customers.

Yes we change the world: A good advertising is the one which makes way into people’s hearts. World over we have lots of examples where advertising have changed the people’s lives for good. Even in a micro analysis of this concept will come to our minds only when we think that even a bus shelter made by a brand is a contribution towards the society. And be reminded that most of such activations are proposed by advertising companies not only because they are needed for the brand to reach its customers but also we too try our level best to give something to the society while using such advertising methods. Be it a brand raising awareness about cleanliness in Rajasthan through product sampling within a village festival or be it a government using advertisement campaigns to raise awareness about the need of vegetable cultivation we as advertising professionals are involved from creating such an idea to making it reach among people. Especially in this age of CSR initiatives gaining importance in marketing mix of a company, we in advertising world are the happiest folks as now we can propose novel methods of sponsoring initiatives for uplifting the less privileged people using corporate money. Earlier we had to fight it out with our clients to allow us such proposals in our strategy.

Yes we do our bit to change the world within the limits of our profession just like the ones who sit there and debate on the floor of a TV channel. Just like any Doctor, Lawyer, IT guy, Mason or a Carpenter we in advertising world do care about the public. Sorry friends we have to find the real culprits for the evils of the society maybe through individual introspection. Till then leave us alone. We are bent upon finding positive elements in a product, service and the society as a whole. Let the debate continue instead of using us as a reason to end your discussions.